Do you feel like you make every effort to keep you and your family healthy, but still don’t feel 100% well most of the time?

Imagine you found in one place all the tools you need, to help you reduce poor health symptoms like fatigue, loss of vitality, mental fog, and allergies… Helping you drastically improve your quality of life…

Are you tired of all the confusing health and wellness information out there and just want real, credibly sourced answers?

What if you could benefit from thousands of hours of someone else’s time, who has already found all the answers to the questions you have always wanted to know…

Are you are fed up with putting so much work into having a healthy weight, and want to understand the real reasons why your weight management efforts are consistently sabotaged, no matter how hard you work?

Imagine you could, starting today, take yourself and your family on a Journey that would revolutionise the way you feel, from the inside out… and not just from a physical point of view!

Sharing the baby-steps you need to take, so you can start living
Your Best Fresh Life.

By embracing a Clean Eating and Clean Living Lifestyle, you and your family
will become empowered to enjoy the best quality of life possible.

This is a Lifetime Access Program!

start your journey today

I’m as busy as ever: first time Mom, caring wife to my hardworking husband and I’m a professional working woman. Just like many of you! Somehow, in the midst of the busy-ness of life, Sam’s health and wellness suggestions inspire me to add more goodness, without making it feel like hard work. Her life’s work, through Fresh Life Journeys, is a ‘health service’ to all of us.”

– Leryn Rule
Mom, Wife and Consumer Healthcare Representative


Your family thinks you’re Superwoman incarnate.

No wonder. Trying to protect your family from harmful foods & nasty habits is your #1 priority.

And you dedicate yourself daily to filling the lives of the ones you love with healthy adventures, as best you can.

That’s of course in-between juggling everything else you do…

As a Superwoman, you are a great many things, but most of all, you are a Nurturer.

But underneath your flashy cape…

 … you feel less like the powerful, in-control woman your family envisions, and
– more like a bewildered bird, bobbing from website to website looking for the answers to your own ultimate health and wellness questions,
– as you try to create that energy-filled quality of life you and your family deserve.
You’re totally EXHAUSTED – managing your nest, working hard, following your passions, and being everything your family needs you to be.
Let’s face it – you’re in desperate need of a glass of green juice … or vino, depending on the day!

You’re so ready to:
*trim that stubborn weight off,
*get your energy and mental clarity back,
*add more playfulness to your day-to-day,
*live life more intentionally,
*and be an inspiring example of health to your loved ones.

“As a fellow health enthusiast, I’m always looking for new and inspiring recipes to try out. I love not only the delicious, raw and vegan treats that Sam creates for Fresh Life Journeys, but also the way she presents them – beautiful images, easy-to-follow instructions and always with friendly words of encouragement that make me feel like I’m hanging out with a friend.”

– Annemarie Luck from South Africa
Editor at Time Out in Tokyo (Previously, Chief Copy Editor at Marie Claire, South Africa)

I’m ready to start feeling SUPER again

Naturally, you don’t want to just ‘appear to be’ like Superwoman to your family, you want to actually FEEL like her:

  • full of energy,
  • in control,
  • well-informed,
  • balanced,
  • nourished,
  • happy,
  • and on top of things
    (wouldn’t that be nice?)…

Imagine if you could feel this way 80 – 90% of the time. What a difference it would make!

You don’t just want this for yourself, you want it for your family too. It’s what you are constantly working so hard for…

You know you need to do something. Something has to change… but you just feel frazzled by the whole affair.

You’re frazzled because…

… there never seem to be enough hours in the day

… you’re done with counting calories and worrying about what you are eating all the time…

… you’re tired of being met with moans, tantrums and complaints every time you try making your loved ones, healthier food…

you’re sick of trying every new diet but still ending up with the same results…

you’re so over feeling helpless every time you feel poorly, or are having to deal with the health issues of your loved one’s…

and you’re tired of trying to solve more nutritional problems than a math professor!

… or maybe you’re feeling stressed because you’re feeling guilty having not made it to the gym in over 13 days (but who’s counting?).

We haven’t even elaborated on the ridiculous amount and sheer volume of conflicting health advice in the mainstream media…

The resounding “do this”, “don’t do that” campaigns that never seem to end…


You should eat Wholewheat… Don’t eat Wheat
Gluten isn’t so bad… You should go Gluten-free
Don’t eat fat… Eat low fat… Fats are good for you
Your body needs sugars… Sugar makes you fat
Organic is important… Organic makes no difference
Eat plenty of eggs and dairy…. Avoid eating eggs and dairy
Don’t eat animal protein… Eat animal protein daily
Be sure to detox… Whatever you do, don’t detox


Hello confusion!

I totally get it.

You’re sick of punishing yourself with stale rice cakes and spoonfuls of guilt every time you try a ‘new fad’ way of eating.

And let’s be honest, so is your family!

Especially when they are subjected to uninspired, and not-so-yummy foods.

Foods like steamed vegetables, plain rice and dry, tasteless salads – to name a few.

Even though you’re trying your hardest to boost your family’s health, and provide them (and you), with the kind of vitality, longevity and quality of life you’ve always dreamed of,

You’re starting to ask yourself…

How will I ever get there!?

I know what you’re thinking because I have been there before!

You SO deserve the love, support, and practical-yet-powerful guidance from someone who’s been there.

As well as from a Community of women that get you… and won’t judge you.

A Community of amazing, beautiful, strong, powerful women, just like you, who deserve to:

  • Get real answers, real information, and real solutions,
  • Glow from the inside out,
  • Feel confident, well, and happy in your body (and dare we say sexy?),
  • And live an empowered life, armed with credibly-sourced
    information, so that you always feel that you can handle
    ANYTHING life throws at you.

“I met Sam a many years ago, working on cruise ships. On our days off, she would be up at the crack of dawn, smiling from ear to ear, all kitted out for a hiking or cycling adventure in our port of call. Healthy snacks packed and ready for us of course!
Sam’s positive energy and zest for life is infectious and one cannot help but feel motivated and excited about the importance of a healthy mind and body in her presence. She is passionate about living her best life and about helping others to live theirs too.
Her knowledge has been a powerful tool for change and growth in my approach to health, and I have no doubt for anyone else who knows her, the same holds true.”

– Kerry Anne Stead from Zimbabwe
Imports Manager, living in South Africa

I’m ready to live my best Fresh Life


You are living your healthiest life. And you feel better now than you ever did in your early 20’s… And it’s not like you are having to work hard to feel this way.

Your symptoms of tiredness, lack of energy and mental fog have long since vanished, and your loved one’s poor health symptoms have significantly improved… And you haven’t even had to force feed anyone broccoli for ages!

♥ You feel empowered with knowledge. You know where to look if you are needing answers.

♥ You no longer feel helpless when something at home comes up, and you know that every single day you are creating for yourself and your family, the kind of health and longevity you always dreamed of.

♥ You have a tool belt full of quick and easy recipes, that are supremely delicious, AND you completely understand why, and know exactly how, they are making you and your family FEEL Ah-mazing!

♥ You feel completely and utterly supported by new found friends – women who are, like you, taking simple daily action to create a healthy and happy home!

♥ You are finally part of a loving and understanding community… something you have always wanted.

You no longer have anxiety about taking better care of yourself and the ones you love, and tonight you get to put on that dress you haven’t been able to wear in a while.

You’re ready to enjoy tonight’s dinner, out with your significant other… no food-guilt strings attached!

But how to get there…? If only you had the time to figure it all out for yourself. You already know that knowledge is power. But right now you don’t have a second to spare, to trade in the time that’s necessary for gaining that knowledge…

Unless, you could trace someone else’s foot steps…

Someone who has done the hard yards, and doesn’t mind sharing where they found the answers.

There’s a million people out there telling you to follow their map. But you don’t want to just blindly follow someone else’s way…

Sure, its nice to be guided. But you are done, relying on info that never seems to be backed up with facts.

How do you know you are on the right track, if you don’t know how the map was created? Where did the information come from?

Where are the credible references? So you can check and decide for yourself if the map is legit?

You don’t want to just be told what you should be doing, you want to understand WHY. It’s not much to ask.

You want to understand what truly is thee most healthful way to live – so that you can be forever empowered.

Because you want to know, once and for all, how best to take care of you and your family… No matter what!

“Show someone where to look, help them understand what they find, and they will be empowered for life.”
Samantha Wyatt

There’s an old Proverb that goes: “Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.”

And so I believe that, by empowering a woman with the tools, resources and knowledge she needs to better her health, forever …and she will teach her loved ones, and the world to do the same.

That’s what The Fresh Life Internal-Makeover Journey is all about…

This map. This guide. This program. Is all about empowerment.

Becoming empowered will change your life, as it has mine…

And that’s where I come in.

I’ve been there. I know first hand what that experience is like.

To move from feeling helpless, confused, and overwhelmed… to feeling EMPOWERED!

“I have known Sam for many years and she has always been the one who inspires others, uplifts and motivates you, and her passion for health and wellness has always been nothing short of a magnificent obsession. To see her wonderful work come to form, is a gift to everyone that will cross paths with her.”

– Jennifer Conroy from Ireland
Skin Care Sales Manager in Perth. (Previously Beauty Therapist with Steiner Leisure Spa Company)

My Story

I’m Samantha Wyatt – your Clean Eating and Clean Living Inspirer.

Thanks to an injury (I prefer to look on the bright side of life), I got the motivation, and the time to search for answers. Answers to questions that had long been on my mind.

Questions like,
“Can my body heal itself, and how?”
“What are the best ways to create the best experience of health, and wellness?”
“And is there a way to enjoy good health, AND still be able to enjoy delicious food?”

I sustaining my bad injury from a gym in early 2012, and it made me realise that I needed to take my health and healing into my own hands.

Thanks to my passion for research, I spent thousands of hours searching and finding all the best, most credible sources of information I could find.

I learnt exactly what my body needed to heal. And once I figured that out, all sorts of amazing things started to happen…

*I lost 24 pounds (12kg) of excess unhealthy weight within 10.5 monthswithout even trying!

*I made a full recovery from my injury within a year.

*My poor health symptoms disappeared, and I regained a level of energy and clarity that I hadn’t experienced in years!

The knowledge I gained, empowered me. I was able to help my Self with my own health concerns, and I was able to share my knowledge with others, and they too became empowered to create improvements in their health and wellbeing too.

I knew that many more could benefit from these same tools and resources.

I wanted EVERYONE to know the very simple lifestyle principals I had learnt, and adapted, which were creating such fantastic results for my Self and everyone around me.

I became passionate about sharing everything I discovered – to help amazing Superwomen like you, bring into your and your family’s lives, the same incredible experiences of energy, joy, wellbeing and happiness that my Self and my family get to experience every single day.

The Fresh Life Internal Makeover Journey is a guide that shares the simple yet powerful principles of living a Clean Eating Lifestyle.

It’s also a map that shows you where I found the answers…

The Fresh Life Internal Makeover Journey is all the best information and resources, which I adapted into easy-to-follow, baby-steps. This is the BLUEPRINT of my own Journey to better health and wellness.

I invite you to open yourself up to a new path…


6 Week Clean Eating Program

♥ Lifetime Access Program!

Created and hosted by me, Samantha Wyatt,
Your Clean Eating Lifestyle Inspirer.


Is this program right for you?

This program is right for you, if:

  • You want the BEST tools that give you the best opportunity to create optimal health.
  • You are done with crazy fad diets, and starvation, and want to know how to create permanent, long lasting results.
  • You are ready for some hard-hitting home truths. And you don’t mind if it ain’t sugar coated either!
  • You are done not feeling 100%, no matter what you do and you are truly ready to do something about it.
  • You are ready to learn the real reasons why there is a disconnect between the food we eat and the health we want – so you can make the best choices for yourself and your family.
  • You want to know why poor health symptoms can persist (fatigue, mental fog, loss of vitality, allergies, poor sleep, lack of energy) – even though you do everything to prevent and remedy them, and you’re ready to do what it takes to change it.
  • You want to be shown straight-to-the-point facts and answers – not long, difficult to understand, explanations. T taken from real, credible information.
  • You are ready to put into action, the baby-steps that needed, so that you and your family can start creating and living a truly healthy, happy existence.
  • You are ready to put the time and energy it’s going to take, to consistently take those actions, until they become habit – so you and your loved ones can enjoy the best quality of life possible, now and into the future.
  • You are a positive and open person, and you can see yourself being part of a loving, kind and positive community of like minded women, to which you will mutually be a source of friendship, non-judgement, support and encouragement.

What is the Fresh Life Internal Makeover
, all about?

  • It’s an opportunity to focus on what’s really going on with your body. To learn more about how foods affect not just our own health and longevity but how food affects those we love most.
  • It’s a chance for you to learn how to add more quick and easy, and most of all, delicious, plant-based whole food nutrition to your dinner table (foods your family will actually love!), and most importantly, why!
  • You’ll discover new ways to improve your mindset and learn how to inspire your family to voluntarily get on board with the changes you are making – that way, you have the best chance at successfully creating real, and lasting, positive changes in your and your family’s health and wellbeing.

I’m ready for my Journey

No matter when you start,
we’re on this journey together.

I always say, our personal health journey is our own, and everyone’s is different and unique to them, but the journey of discovery, learning, support, and perseverance is one us Fresh Lifers can do together.

You will never feel pressured to be further along than you are – everything you learn, do and participate in should be at your own pace.

No matter what, you’ll be supported by the process of this Fresh Life Internal Makeover Journey, as well as by a Community of like-minded women, and … me. Of course!

I’ll be there cheering you on, answering your questions, and sharing in your journey with you.

I will also continue to seek out and share the best and most relevant info from top thought leaders, researchers and Wellness Mentors in the health and wellness industry.

What can you expect?

  • Access to every single tool, resource and recipe I use myself through an exclusive membership style website.
  • Access to pre-recorded webinars through your Fresh Life Empowerment Library – PLUS videos, workbooks, worksheets, recipes and step-by-step guides, as well as online Community-based, ‘take action’ challenges which will encourage you to move you along your Fresh Life Internal Makeover Journey to help you make those Fresh Life principles, part of your and your family’s daily life.

I have invested in thousands of dollars and many thousands of hours, thoughtfully compiling, writing, creating, and building this program to be the best of it’s kind in the market, with a custom built, easy-to-use membership site with an exceptional volume of high quality content and tools to help make your experience the best it can be. I also develop new tools and resources based on feedback and my own learning and make changes and improvements to the program as time goes on.

Unlike many other programs in this space, I help you develop awareness in a lot of different areas of your life, to help you truly make long-lasting, positive changes in your and your family’s wellbeing. I aim to give you and your family the most useful tools to help you and your family create your healthiest, happiest Selves.

Credibility is key, right?

I pay particular attention to the incredible research and work of Dr Max Gerson, and the many other great Wellness Mentors, Influencers and Experts leading the way and spreading awareness of true health and wellness in the world today. Some of my favourite Wellness Mentors include: Dr Max Gerson, Dr Mercola, David Wolfe, Dr Mark Hyman, Dr Christiane Northrup, Dr William Davis, Dr Andrew Saul, and so many more. I will share with you, everything I use as a resource, for inspiration, in my own daily life.

What will you achieve?

  • You will become empowered with knowledge and have real answers to some of the most commonly asked questions – especially those that relate to why our bodies hold onto unhealthy weight (especially as we get older) and how that affects our health and longevity.
  • You will have new tools and resources at your fingertips to help you find answers in the future.
  • You will gain a deeper understand of our food system, and how to source the best nutrition possible, for you and your family.
  • You will come to understand that there is no ‘silver bullet’, or ‘magic formula’ or crazy diet necessary to enjoy a healthier, more energy-filled existence – just simple, time-honoured principles that you and your family can easily implement and enjoy for the rest of your lives.
  • You will learn more about your body, and how it works – how it deals with foods, and everything else we put in our bodies.
  • You will gain a deeper awareness of your and your family’s bodies and health, by learning about the body and what it truly needs to function optimally.
  • You will learn simple recipes, and a foundation of knowledge that will allow you to quickly and easily prepare the most healthy, and delicious food possible – even if you don’t have a lot of time!
  • You will get to experience and be inspired by what a clean eating and clean living lifestyle can do for you and your family’s quality of life.
  • You will have all the support you need, as well as lifetime access to these tools, to help you create (at your own pace) an optimal, nourishing environment for you and your family to thrive in.

I’m ready to achieve my goals

What’s in the Internal Makeover Program?

Throughout the 6 weeks, we’ll explore the following:

Preparing your mindset for positive changes – and how to get your family onboard with you! It’s so much easier to stay focused when you understand what truly, madly, deeply emotionally motivates you, AND without having to constantly deal with resistance from those you love!

Insights and overviews focused on how the body works and how it deals with the things that go in it (food!). This is a VERY special section of the program indeed. Some of the most eye-opening, Ah-Ha moment inspiring, information I have ever come across. Plus detailed, easy-to-understand explanations to help you quickly and easily absorb the info. It’s so much easier to get motivated when we have an understanding of the body, and then learn exactly how different foods affect the body – hello empowering knowledge!

3 delicious, week-long challenges to gently bring new, healthy habits (and more yummy plant-based whole foods) into your and your loved one’s lives. That’s 21 days experiencing some of my best, simple, tasty, clean eating recipes that I’ve tested in my own kitchen.

ALL recipes can be made in 15 minutes or less!!

Since I only eat the yummiest and simplest foods,
I‘m confident your family will love our Fresh Life Recipes.

In fact, I made it a point to only share the yummiest recipes, that only take 15min or less to whip up.

Woohoo for tasty, time-efficient food fare!

It includes these THREE, 7-day Tasty Motivation Challenges:

freshlifeinternalmakeover_image-01Healthy Sweet Quick Fixes 7 Day Challenge
How to make the most delicious, quick-to-make healthy sweet fixes you and your family will love…
freshlifeinternalmakeover_image-02Just Add Juicing 7 Day Challenge
How to make it possible to make juicing for health, a regular, easy, fun and yummy habit the whole family can enjoy…
freshlifeinternalmakeover_image-03Smoothies Save the Day 7 Day Challenge
how to become a Smoothie Master – I always say Smoothies can save the day – especially when you’re strapped for time and a tasty, nutrition packed, (and dare we say ‘decadent’?), meal/drink is needed!
freshlifeinternalmakeover_image-bonusI am also going to TEACH you how to make smoothies WITHOUT having to follow a recipe, ever again!


This 6 week Internal Makeover is about ADDING yummy, healthier options to what you are already doing.

There is no expectation for you to change your whole family eating routine overnight – which can lead to you feeling overwhelmed… and your family seriously grumpy!

This journey is about baby steps. Slowly adding foods you can enjoy, and which your family are happy to be introduced to… that’s how you start to create real and permanent lifestyle changes.

I encourage you to follow the 80/20 Fresh Life Philosophy…

Follow the cleaner eating principles most of the time (80% ), and the rest of the times you can’t make clean, healthier choices, just put it down to being part of your 20%that’s life!

Not stressing about being strict 100% of the time is part of your new healthy lifestyle. (what a relief!).

Did I mention eating chocolate is 100% encouraged, no wait…
it’s almost compulsory, on your
Fresh Life Internal Makeover Journey?

Woohoo! Unless of course you are not a chocolate fan – in that case, no worries, there are plenty of other incredibly sweet-tastic treats to choose from…

That’s right, we celebrate that eating and drinking is a pleasure and that no one should ever be denied the joy that comes from consuming great tasting food – no starvation, calorie counting or dieting here. Yippee!

The only things you will be needing is a
blender and a juicer

Any kind will do.

As long as the blender can crush ice and the juicer can make some form of juice, you’re A for away!

No fancy expensive
equipment necessary.

* Please note: I myself started with a very basic juicer and a handheld blender! I used these for well over a year before buying better equipment. I was able to make everything just fine. More expensive equipment does make juices, smoothies, etc ‘smoother’, but you don’t have to spend lots of money (unless you want to!) to get started!

A Note on ‘Exotic’ / Hard-to-Find Ingredients….

In trying to make all recipes as accessible and easy to make as possible, ‘exotic’ ingredients are kept to a minimum, promise – I might have these kinds of ingredients listed, but I’ll always try to keep them optional. Or to give you an easily accessible option. That way you can add variety and even more nutrients down the track, on your journey to living your ultimate clean eating lifestyle.

What do you get for your investment?

  • Lifetime Access to Course Content & Membership
  • Access to all future content and upgradestherefore you can partake in future challenges, and group activities, and benefit from all future improved versions of the Fresh Life Internal Makeover Journey…

  • Private Facebook Group/Community for support, loving accountability and mingling with other fellow fabulous Superwomen, just like you.
  • Access to me via our Private Facebook Group/Community Page a few hours a week to answer questions, see how you are doing, and cheer you on!

Yes, I want to live my best Fresh Life now!

Here’s a sneak peek into our 6-week Journey together:

Week 1
Your 1st Fresh Life Baby-Step: Prepare Your Self!

There are some tools I feel are absolutely vital to successfully creating real, lasting and positive change

— Learn how to change long-held behavioural patterns through these simple awareness exercises – it will revolutionise your progress and guarantee better success

— Activities to help you discover the key that you hold to unlocking your true potential for creating real change in your life

— Plus, some amazing tips to help make your family more supportive – so they don’t become an obstacle on your health-seeking journey (some of which they will love you for!)

Week 2
Your 2nd Fresh Life Baby-Step: Empowerment through credibly-sourced info

There is a reason why this step is also one of Fresh Life Journeys 3 Pillar Philosophy. When you have an understanding of how and why something is good for you it just makes sense to take the action to achieve it.

— Permanent access to my pre-recorded Webinar content – Master Online Class.

— Take your time going through the Fresh Life Empowerment Library, where I share easy-to-understand explanations based on thousands of hours of my own research. I share exactly where I get my information from so you can check the facts and sources for yourself. I only listen to the thought-leaders, and passionate individuals, doctors and professionals who share only the best, credible knowledge, and who practise what they preach.

— I share many fantastic resources that took me years to find and compile into my go-to list for finding real information and real answers.

Week 3
Your next Fresh Life Baby-Step: Quick & Healthy Sweet Fixes
A 7 day Tasty Motivation Challenge

These challenges help Introduce yummy changes you and your family will love – to help you incorporate those healthy habits that you’ve always wanted to make, by making them delicious, easy, and something your family will support you for!

— Daily Recipes – all under 15min to make

— Weekly shopping list

— What equip & ingredients you will need

— How to stock your pantry and your fridge

— Stay motivated daily, within our private interactive Fresh Life Community.

Week 4
Your next Fresh Life Baby-Step: Just Add Juicing
A 7 day Tasty Motivation Challenge

These challenges help Introduce yummy changes you and your family will love – to help you incorporate those healthy habits that you’ve always wanted to make, by making them delicious, easy, and something your family will support you for!

— Daily Recipes – all under 15min to make

— Weekly shopping list

— What equip & ingredients you will need

— How to stock your pantry and your fridge

— Stay motivated daily, within our private interactive Fresh Life Community.

Week 5
Your next Fresh Life Baby-Step: Smoothies Save the Day
A 7 day Tasty Motivation Challenge

These challenges help Introduce yummy changes you and your family will love – to help you incorporate those healthy habits that you’ve always wanted to make, by making them delicious, easy, and something your family will support you for!

— Daily Recipes – all under 15min to make
— Weekly shopping list
— What equip & ingredients you will need
— How to stock your pantry and your fridge
— Stay motivated daily, within our private interactive Fresh Life Community.

Week 6
Your next Fresh Life Baby-Step: Just keep practicing!
Chill Out, it’s Implementation Week…

This week is about putting everything together. To take the favourite recipes you’ve learnt, and practicing making them a part of your and your family’s daily life. Practicing will help you to form a habit. According to a more recent study, instead of a habit taking 21 days which has become popular belief, researchers have found it takes on average at least 60-90+ days to form a new habit. (Lally, van Jaarsveld, Potts, & Wardle, 2009)

That’s why you have lifetime access too, so you can keep practicing and join the action orientated challenges each round, and keep learning more and more of the recipes – so that they just become part of your life

The aim is to try the quick and easy recipes, choose which ones you like and keep them looping into your family’s weekly menu so you can make them from memory – that’s how you build long lasting healthy habits – especially when it comes to preparing food.

I also encourage you to keep trying more great tasting, quick and easy to make plant-based recipes, and keep adding the best quality nourishment to your family’s daily lives… I will keep adding more and more recipes to help you with this. Especially in the future.

It’s also FEEDBACK TIME!!! I encourage you to please give me your feedback: What did you like?; What do you want to see more of in future?; How could I improve this program for the future?; Was there anything you didn’t like? I would love to continue to make this program the best it can be so that it can continue to benefit you and your fellow Program participants as we move into the future together.

— More Clean Eating Recipes
— Clean Eating tips, tricks and shopping lists
— Seeing your feedback manifest in future rounds of this program!
— Stay motivated daily, within our private interactive Fresh Life Community – for life!

Ready to start your
Fresh Life Internal-Makeover Journey?

Ready to take back your power and learn what you and your family really need to thrive and live Your Best Fresh Life?

1 Time Payment

$697 1 time payment - best value!

2 Monthly Payments

$357 2 monthly payments for a total of $714

3 Monthly Payments

$247 3 monthly payments for a total of $741

Is this program really for you?

  • This Program is not for you if you are looking for medical advice.
    No lifestyle program such as this is a substitute for Professional Medical advice.
    Please refer to my Disclaimer – always consult with your Healthcare Professional or Doctor before making any changes to your diet or lifestyle.
  • This Program is not for you if you are totally strapped for time and can’t at least spend some time shopping, and preparing food!
    Although I make every effort to make this Program as practical and as time efficient as possible, it is a program that is orientated to help those who are ready to put a little more love, energy and time into their and their family’s health.
    You will be learning to prepare more whole food based meals. I can’t give you the time you need to take – you have to know that to make real changes to your health is going to take some effort on your part.
  • This Program is not for you if you are looking to lose weight quickly, at any cost.
    This Program is about showing you why your body holds onto weight to begin with, and the healthiest way to remove it. We are aiming for permanent, healthy weight loss as opposed to unhealthy, ‘quick-fix’ weight loss tricks, which just makes your body even more unhealthy, and doesn’t deal with the underlying ’causes’, which means the weight will eventually return.
  • This Program is not for you if you are looking for short-term, quick-fixes, period.
    This Program is about helping you to initiate taking your body on a gentle Journey back to better health and wellness. To creating more healthful habits that you can use for the rest of your life.
  • This Program is not for you if you are looking for ‘fast results’.
    Depending on the length of time it took for your body to get to where it is, is relative to how much time it is going to take for a healthy approach to improve and make changes to your body and wellbeing.
    This is about sharing a lifestyle approach that you can adapt to your own life which will ensure you can create the best possible experience of wellness.
  • I only want to work with positive, action takers, and those who understand they are going to BE as much of a source of support to others, as others will be to them.
    This is about creating a positive, safe space, and a Community, in which we all can support, and learn from each other. You need to be someone that is positively proactive and have a genuine desire to want to pursue a wholesome, healthy existence together. No judgement, inconsideration or negativity will be tolerated. Please don’t enrol if you have a bad attitude.

Frequently Asked Questions:

To help you determine if this program is right for you, I have answered some questions I think you might have.

Your Happiness Guarantee

If you work through Module 1 within the 1st 7 days, and try all the recipes and are still not totally happy with this program, then I will refund your money (minus a 10% processing fee).

I offer this guarantee because I truly believe that I have worked hard to create a truly life changing program, and I know that if you commit to doing the work, participating in the written work, and take action on the practical exercises and really make the effort to try all the recipes, plus utelize the amazing and supportive community forum to help you on your journey, that you will create for yourself and your family a more healthful, nourished, wholesome lifestyle, which will reward you with many incredible life enhancing, and health enhancing, benefits.

I just know that this program has every tool you need to create positive, and delicious changes to your and your family’s lives. I know because I have shared EXACTLY what I experienced to be what I needed to create those changes in my and my family’s lives.

I know wholeheartedly, that if you apply and practice these principles, recipes and habits you will be learning throughout this program, that you will achieve much more than your return on your investment. Your and your family’s life will be positively transformed just as mine and my family’s has.

Please note, change of mind refunds before the course starts will not be refunded – you must demonstrate that you have participated in the program before requesting a refund.

Refunds must be requested in writing to sam @ within 7 days of the course starting, to be eligible for such refund.

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